Floozzie Shooz, featuring the guitar work of Joe Osorio

Hello, May! The 500 dollar Battle of the Bands continues with “The Spider and The Fly” by Floozzie Shooz.

Joe Osorio was raised by his grandmother. At the age of eight he heard his father sing on an amateur radio show, and this set the tone for a lifelong fascination with music, leading him to become a rabid fan of the music of the late-Fifties and early Sixties. He listened to the Rolling Stones, Dave Clark Five, The Animals, Herman’s Hermits, Del Shannon, Roy Orbison and, of course, Elvis. Joe was determined to find the common denominator in this music and its origins: the Blues.

Joe went on to become an incurable Blues fanatic, listening to the likes of BB and Albert King, Muddy Waters, T Bone Walker, Albert Collins and Buddy Guy among many others. Having had one guitar lesson from a teacher who couldn’t quite play the stuff he was already playing, who tried to teach him Jingle Bells, he never took another lesson, but went on to play in many garage/basement bands in his hometown of Flushing, New York.

Joe joined the Army in 1970, got married in the mid-Seventies, and quit the guitar for over ten years. In 1987-88, he heard Guns n Roses and Joe Satriani and was inspired to play and write.

Joe was once told by an NYPD Police Lieutenant “Someday I’m gonna put a toe tag on you, Joe. You’ve already had nine lives.” Fortunately for us, that hasn’t come true.  Joe moved to Virginia where he recorded the music you hear on our facebook page on a fifty-eight dollar guitar.

Give “The Spider and the Fly” by Floozzie Shooz a listen and let us know what you think. We think you’ll enjoy.

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