2 tracks from Bill Madison’s All She Wanted

Our rolling feature on Bill Madison continues with two tracks from his favorite album, All She Wanted.  Bill tells us:

“I really like all the songs that I have written or have had a hand in writing, although, All She Wanted stands out because my wife Nancy wrote most of the lyrics, and the song has such a strong message.

Here’s the recording of All She Wanted

I also enjoy doing covers – I really like my most recent cover of Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker Street”, which is on the All She Wanted CD.

I’m proud of the arrangement that I came up with and I was fortunate to have my old buddy, Dave Cochran, around to add his great lead guitar part to the song. Also, I was fortunate having my neighbor, Dianna Zupan adding her wonderful vocal to the song. One of the best recordings to come out of my studio!

Here’s the recording of Baker Street

I also released “Baker Street” as a download which is available at Bandcamp – I like Bandcamp because the consumer can get the download in any audio format they desire along with the associated artwork. The song is also available at iTunes and CD Baby. In addition, I have a digital album available called Roll Of The Dice – a collection of 10 very eclectic and interesting original songs. Each song is like a mini-movie and I made sure one can understand all the lyrics without having to read a lyric sheet. It’s easy to get involved with every song.”

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