Liquid to Solid: Dennis Young

Dennis Young’s initial claim to fame came as the percussionist for the legendary early 80’s NYC band Liquid Liquid. Since the days of Liquid Liquid, Dennis has continued to actively record, releasing a number of solo projects and playing on various other recordings. He has also expanded his repertoire: over the past several years, Dennis has been moved to paint. There is a strong relationship between the music and art that Dennis creates. Both reply on spontaneity, rhythm, and textures. Images of tribal masks and abstract patterns both collide and mesh effortlessly in his body of work. is honored to showcase the following works that Dennis has shared with us, along with commentary in his own words:

Red Eyed Alien


“Red Eyed Alien”- I was watching one the many ghost reality shows on cable which made me think of doing this painting with the red eyes.





Tribal Mask




“Tribal Mask”- This is one of a series of tribal mask paintings that I have done. I love reading about the many ancient natives and tribes that lived many years ago.








“Maze”- I like blending different shapes & colors together and I wanted it to be very colorful and abstract. I am happy with the way it looks.



To see more of Dennis’s paintings or to contact him, visit We highly recommend you do.

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