From Bulgaria with Love: Bee in the Bonnet

Drunken Mermaid got turned onto Bulgarian rockers Bee in the Bonnet through our friends at One Song World. Bee in the Bonnet is Martin Profirov (Drums), Bogdan Dmitrov (Kitara), Krasimir Tenev (Bass), and stunning frontwoman Teodora Ilieva. We caught up with Teodora fresh off their appearance at Spirit of Burgas, where they played alongside the likes of Sum 41 and Korn.

Bogdan Dmitrov, Krasimir Tenev, Teodora Ilieva, and Martin Profirov How did Bee in the Bonnet form?

We all love playing, travelling, making our own music, meeting different kinds of people. This is our lifestyle. That’s what brought each one of us in the band. The initial idea was to play covers abroad. But, even during our first tour, we started making our original songs. And from the very beginning until today everything happens at high speed and passion. How did you come up with name Bee in the Bonnet?

The idea came from the fact that we do not restrict ourselves to one style. Sometimes we have more ideas in the field of alternative rock, sometimes it’s funk and sometimes it is a ballad with alternative elements. So that’s why: “Bee in the Bonnet”, whatever comes in our minds, it is out! What is your favorite Bee in the Bonnet Song so far?

It is always the last one! Now we are making new records again. My favorite is the one that I recorded yesterday. It’s called Requiem for a Bastard. Soon you’ll be able to hear it. Tell us about that making of the video for Sundays.

The video was filmed very light and it was extremely fun. Because of our great happiness in our work it always goes like this. In this video we have a lyrical hero. Her name is Martina Dimova and she did a great job. She was extremely professional and brought the presence we needed. Musically, who are your main influences?

Every one of us likes different music and probably has different influences. But anyway, we are able to have our own approach and thinking in the creation of our music. What song would you most like to cover?

If it should be only one, there will be disagreements, for sure… Maybe something by Muse. Just maybe… What are your favorite venues to play live?

We love playing at festivals. Our last festival performance was this month at Spirit of Burgas. We also play very often in all kinds of clubs, bars and parties and it is always a good experience for us.

Bee in the Bonnet at Spirit of Burgas (2011 edition) Where would you like to perform that you haven’t yet?

Wherever someone would invite us and where our music would be appreciated. In that case, we’d like to see you in Philly, Boston and London, for starters. In the meantime, when will you be releasing your next album? What can you tell us about the new tracks?

We are working on our new album at the moment. But recently our last album “Tick your time and tock the rest of it” is already available in the major sites for distribution. It is issued by the U.S. company FCB records/I.O.D.A.

You can give Bee in the Bonnet’s new track a listen in our Amazon store, and visit them on Myspace and facebook.

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