DJ Konai: A Unique Spin on the Music Industry

Over the past nine years, “DJ Konai” has established himself as a world-class DJ and music industry figure, working for Atlantic Records and DJing for Six Flags Maryland. His YouTube channel draws tens of thousands of views per month and climbing and he has north of 4000 Twitter followers. Recently he shared with us some insights into his career and the state of the music industry. Give us your backstory – how did you become DJ Konai?

When I was young, I was really into Genghis Khan and Confucius and studied their methods. I realized they had the same sound “Khan” in their name and then I just looked up what starts with that sound. Konai means a language that isn’t spoken or written. Since I am a producer, I feel that it is relevant because you can feel how I feel just by listening to the music. What do you think about the music industry today?

The value of music is a lot less then back in the 80’s. Due to the fact that vinyls used to cost more than mp3’s, it wasn’t as convenient to get as a download, and the supply of songs wasn’t nearly what there is now. However, more people are listening to music and the fans of music have gotten smarter and learned the quality of songs. Where does your music come from? What does it take to get it from concept to final realization?

Music comes from ideas that sit on top of other ideas. It takes attention to detail to get it from concept to final realization. Tell us about some of the producers you’ve worked with. How did you get hooked up with them?

I’ve actually worked with the Inkredibles who were signed to DJ Khaled and have done records for Jay-Z & Rick Ross. I learned a lot from them about how to make your music sound more radio quality. Before I just wanted to do what I wanted to do. After I met them, I realized there were certain rules in the music that I had to abide by. I got hooked up with them by putting them on radio stations; at that time I was working for Atlantic Records. What’s your best remix to date – the one that should be checked out above all others?

Right now I just finished a Madonna Remix but the one that’s the most popular is the Britney Spears Remix: What do you think it is that makes someone successful?

You have to have your own niche that others recognize you for. If Apple didn’t come out with a phone that you touch the screen with and apps that are easy to access, then they wouldn’t be one of the highest valued stocks right now. Tell us what its like to experience DJ Konai live. Any videos we should check out?

My shows are filled with energy. My goal is to make sure everyone has an amazing time whether I have to play my music or line dances, because it’s not about me, it’s about the people. I’m actually coming out with a video real soon DJing at Six Flags. is where you’ll be able to catch it.

You can also follow DJ Konai at His remix of Brittany Spears’ Big Fat Bass is shared here on our facebook page.

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