Kicking off in Style Part 2: Missy and Chelsea

And after much delay, the Fall edition of the 500 dollar Battle of the Bands is underway with a spectacular singer-songwriter duo from Chippewa County, Michigan – Missy and Chelsea.

Sisters Missy Zenker and Chelsea Zenker have the kind of talent at ages 17 and 15, respectively, that most of us can only dream of. To prove it, here’s their original piece Same Story:

We rest our case.

But as listening to one of their songs makes you immediately want more, here’s another Missy and Chelsea original: No Stoppin’ Us Now will be looking to interview the duo in early 2013. In the meantime, make sure to like them on facebook and visit the facebook page where we’ve shared their first ever Christmas song. Tell us what you think.

And so once again the bar is set high out of the gates. Up Next: a recent video from fan favorite Pound

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