And the Winner is…Missy and Chelsea!

Without further adieu, the winner of the Fall 500 Dollar Battle of the Bands: Missy and Chelsea!:

As in the Spring, it was a tight contest. Missy and Chelsea will receive a check for 500 dollars. Both Pound and Bee in the Bonnet will also be receiving prizes to be named as thanks for their great submissions and support. Today we wrap up our first calender year since resuming publication, and what an amazing year it was:

Emily Sophia Van Binsbergen, James Morrow and Chris Davis worked with us on the relaunch, Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands and Floozzie Shooz took the honors in our first 500 Dollar Battle of the Bands, novelists RB Wood, Leah Petersen and Tim Queeney gave us great interviews, HARAH Designs provided our first fashion profile, Michele Kishita and Dennis Young shared their spectacular artwork, DJ Konai shared his take on the music industry, and Kathy Freeman, Reverence, Pound and Bee in the Bonnet gave us high- end music submissions.

And now, a special shout-out to Bill Madison, for both his amazing material and the introductions he made for us: One Song World and, as a result, Indie Bible. As a result of our Indie Bible listing, we have a five month log of submissions (but keep them coming, we will get to you!). Thanks Bill!

Here’s to great and successful 2013 for all of us –

Happy Holidays from!

Thanks to all our viewers globally for their contributions in 2012. We’ll be announcing the winner of the 500 Dollar Battle of the Bands on New Year’s Eve. Today we have a special treat for you, the last finalist in the contest and one of our favorite artists, period – Bulgaria’s own Bee in the Bonnet. For those of you who missed it over the summer, here’s their video Sundays:

Martin, Bogdan, Krasimir, and Teodora are supporting their new album Tick Your Time and Tock the Rest of It, which is available on iTunes and in our Amazon store. We’ve posted the video for Blue on our facebook page.

Make sure to let us know who you like best – Missy and Chelsea, Pound, or Bee in the Bonnet!

Happy Holidays.


They’re Back! Fan favorites Pound continue the Battle of the Bands

The 500 dollar Battle of the Bands continues with Swedish alternative rock band Pound.

Pound BotB

We ran our first feature on Stefan Altzar (guitars & lead vocals), Christian Larsson (bass & vocals), Samuel Granath (drums), Janne Korpela (guitars) and Kalle Sandström (keyboards & vocals) back at the end of September and immediately received great feedback from our audience. Here is their recent video and official Battle of the Bands entry “Apocalyptic Smile”:

Their new album releases in December, make sure to check it out! in the meantime, you can also see their video Phantom Killer on our facebook page.