And we’re underway! The 2013 Battle of the Bands opens with a Red (Super) Nova

Happy August, everyone. From now until mid-September, Drunken Mermaid will be featuring a new band weekly as our 3rd virtual Battle of the Bands is underway.  We’ve got new talent and old favorites for you, including Crystal Bright, Bill Madison, and Joy Focus.  This go round we are kicking off with Swedish sensation Red Nova, featuring Pär Eriksson, Simon Hjortek, and Tobias Ohlsson. Red Nova describe themselves as “the band that makes your head explode. With small means the band delivers music of greater proportions and makes you constantly hunger for more.” How did Red Nova come to be?
The band was formed a sunny afternoon when sipping tea peacefully in a garden. When the beverages ran out, all members felt a sudden urge to play rock music. So we did.  Who are your biggest influences? Why?

Our biggest influences are Muse and Nirvana. Muse is simply superb and always gives you a performance out of this world, Nirvana is likewise and good if you feel like smashing stuff.  Which of your songs or albums is your favorite to date?

Our favourite song constantly changes, but the song we enter this competition with, called Appearances are Deceptive, is always a blast to play.

Let’s give it a listen:  What song by another artist do you wish you’d written? Why? What would your version sound like?

Panic Station by Muse. It´s simply the perfect song for every moment, whether your walking down a lonely street or need to wake up in the morning, it always make you feel groovy. Our version would probably feature a lot of whammy-guitar and tap dancing. What makes you unique?

We´re never afraid to stick out, and love changing our sound. We also have a big groove and harmonies that you don´t see that much in similar bands.  What has been your biggest challenge/hurdle to date?

We recently toured in Japan, and it was a big challenge getting our drummer Simon out of those sushi-places. That guy´s appetite just never ends.  What has been your best experience to date?

Playing the Peace & Love Festival and touring in Japan and the Philippines. All those places rocked so much.  When is your next song/album coming out? What can you tell us about it?

We recently released our debut album “Sharp Colours And A Taste Of Dust” recorded in co-operation with producer Henrik Edenhed who has also worked with acts such as Robyn, The Sounds, Jordin Sparks and others.  We´re still busy touring with the material, but we´re simultaneously working on the next record, which we have a lot of ideas for. It´s gonna be a mixture between the sound of a broken synthesizer and a dragon swallowing six guitars.  Are you working on any videos?

Absolutely! The video for the song we´re competing with will be released soon. It will include revolvers, shaved legs and quite a few pillows…  Where can we see you live? 

We play at the festival Rockstad Falun this summer, and we´ll also do a tour in Germany by the end of August. We´re super-turbo-mega excited about both!

Awesome stuff. We recommend checking out both. If you can’t make either, you can always catch up with Red Nova at their facebook page. – Drunken Mermaid