The Return Of Bill Madison! (and a quick contest update)

First, a quick update – we’ve had some MAJOR delays getting the contest entries up and we still have more to run.  Drunken Mermaid is grateful for everyone’s patience. We are also invoking the contest rules and revising the timeline as follows – all entries will run by October 25, 2013. Winner to be announced Monday, October 28 with award payout October 31, 2013.

Now, back to the good stuff – in the Summer of 2012, had the good fortune to “meet” Bill Madison via facebook.  Not only did Bill give us a great series of submissions, but he hooked us up with one of our first big industry partners – One Song World.

Bill sat out our last two competitions – but threw his hat in the ring for this one, which is awesome. Here’s Bill’s video entry, Desperate Wind, performed with his band, Them Fargo Brothers 

And here’s Just Pass On The Love, the title song of Bill’s new album–which is, of course, his favorite album to date:

You can keep up with Bill on facebook and at his web page, where you can hear his new song Can’t Stay Away written by his wife Nancy and his remake of one of his early songs, The Loner.


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