AND WE’RE BACK. That’s Right, Dear Readers – it’s Winters End!

Our Winter’s nap ran long this year at Drunken Mermaid, and we have a lot of catching up to do. Features to run. The reveal of our new YouTube brand channel. A status on our Drunken Mermaid IPA, still hiding away in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Our new features on models and indie film makers. But there is no better way to declare Winter’s end than to feature Winters End, the awesome brother- sister duo out of Sydney, Australia (Have you noticed that Sydney is like our favorite place for indie talent, outside of Sweden?)

We recently caught up with frontwoman Marissa Pinto from to talk about the band’s new single Mayfair, due for release in August. So our readers can get more of an idea about you, tell us about Winters End – where did your name come from?

Marissa: We’re Marissa and Christopher Pinto, brother and sister indie electronic band Winters End from Sydney, Australia. Our band name was chosen as I’m born in Winter and Christopher is born in Spring. Commonly mistaken for “Winter’s End,” our lack of apostrophe in our name is due to the band name being a collective term, as in ‘All winters end eventually’. Being from Australia, and avid board-riders, we’re used to hot weather, and so we really feel the lack of warmth in the cooler months of the year. You released Walls back in July 2014. The single had a big effect on your career and saw you play not one but two international music festival stages. Tell us about your time in Canada and Los Angeles. 

Marissa: Walls did quite well and received quite a bit of global exposure through the positive reviews it received from online blogs, as well as radio play in the US, Canada, UK, The Netherlands, and Australia. This success resulted in us being invited to play at two music festivals: Indie Week Canada in Toronto, where we were lucky enough to play 5 showcases, and Youbloom Music Festival in Los Angeles. We had an amazing time at both festivals, and we look forward to returning to North America. That’s quite an adventure – most indie bands never get invited to one international festival, let alone two.

Marissa: We were quite taken aback, especially as we were the only Australian band at both festivals so it was quite incredible to be included and asked over. With more bands remaining independent in the current music industry climate, I think this is something that we will see happen more and more with time. Who are your major influences? What do you take away from them?

Marissa: Christopher and I both have varied tastes in music, ranging from trance music to psychedelia. Weirdly enough, Christopher and I were both inspired separately, and at different times, by the same song: Midnight Juggernauts’s Road To Recovery, to form a band, and so we did. We caught your Balcony TV performance of Waking Dream. It must have been amazing performing at such an iconic location. Can you tell us about it?

Marissa: It was amazing, and such a fun experience. Balcony TV is a wonderful platform for new and established artists to perform through, and really helps with global exposure due to its international spread. We were humbled to be included with such notable artists who have performed before us, some of whom we really look up to.

Without further ado, here’s Waking Dream: We heard in the Balcony TV shoot that you are releasing your new single, Mayfair, later this year. What can listeners expect from the track?

Marissa: Yes, we will be recording our next single Mayfair in July with producer Lachlan Mitchell (The Jezabels, The Whitlams, Phil Collins) at Jungle Studios in Sydney. The track is in its pre-production stages currently. Not to give too much away, Mayfair is a big sounding track. We’re looking forward to its release. What is your favourite original track to date?

Marissa: Mayfair is my favourite track. I like its anthemic and epic sound.  Christopher’s favourite track is a newer one of ours called Passenger, which is a tribute to the inner children in all of us. What would you like your fans to know about you?

Marissa: It’s always the same answer: Just how important our fans and audience are to us. They are the reason that we have succeeded as we have, and the reason we continue to do what we do. I guess of interest is that we both have professions outside of music. I am a midwife and Christopher is a high school teacher. Cheers then – that means you do three things that matter! 

You can watch the video for Walls on our Facebook page and follow them on the Winters End web page, Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

Can’t wait for Mayfair to drop. Stay tuned – got a winter’s worth of awesome stuff to post and it’s coming steady on staring this week!