Drunken Mermaid/drunkenmermaid.com launched in November 2003 as The Drunken Mermaid, an e-zine focusing on the Philly arts scene. We have been online continuously since then and have emerged as a global media outlet, recognized and fed by top tier talent agencies and emerging talent. Our readership spans the US, UK, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

In 2014, a line of Drunken Mermaid branded craft beers went into production, beginning with Drunken Mermaid IPA.

Drunken Mermaid was founded by Sean Develin, a Philadelphia lawyer who is best known for the Witchwood Park children’s books and a five act stage play, Dinner, Sex and Movie. Drunken Mermaid has received support through the years from co-owner, graphic artist and cartoonist Colin Develin, SAG actor Chris Davis, and novelist Richard “R.B.” Wood.


by Drunken Mermaid LLC


Policies – Privacy

drunkenmermaid.com/Drunken Mermaid LLC publishes selected materials voluntarily submitted by their owners/representatives and blogs regarding materials publicly displayed/published elsewhere.

We collect contact information from submitters for the purposes of developing our own contact lists. This data is for our own uses only; we do not sell any information we collect.

Artists whose work is accepted for publication specify the contact information that may be displayed with their materials.

We do not control in any way the privacy policies of external websites we link to including, but not limited to, Twitter, facebook, and YouTube.


drunkenmermaid.com/”Drunken Mermaid” is a privately owned and operated website. We reserve the right to decline to publish any submission, or delete comments that we do not wish on the site.

We are eclectic and display a wide range of arts and views. We do not adopt or advocate on behalf of any religious, political, or “moral” views. All views, opinions, and comments are those of their authors, and are not necessarily the views of drunkenmermaid.com/Drunken Mermaid LLC.

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