July 16, 2013 – Ten Little Labhearts, the new Pre-K children’s book featuring the popular children’s characters, is now available globally on Amazon Kindle.  In Ten Little Labhearts, the puppies help children count to 10 using the English language and Arabic numerals.  The book contains nearly 30 adorable learning designs and a simple story that features play, dinnertime and bedtime.

cover-landscapeMobile devices are playing an ever-increasing role in children’s development, so an ebook release was desirable: with its combination of counting exercises and fun graphics, Ten Little Labhearts both entertains and educates.

Written by Julie Develin and illustrated by accomplished graphic artist Colin Develin, Ten Little Labhearts is for children and puppy lovers everywhere.

Who are the Labhearts?

Labhearts are heart-shaped puppies with heart-shaped noses.  They come in all colors and love everyone they meet at first sight.  Labhearts are your friend, no matter who you are – because we can all use a little unconditional love.

For more information on Labhearts or to contact the authors, visit

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